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    I have a fullscreen slider with the scroll down button. I also have a sticky/shrinking menu.
    The problem is, when you click the scroll down button, the page scroll to next div (a map) but not completly. I mean, there is a space between the top of the map and the top of the screen.
    I think the problem is the shrinking menu… and also i change the hight of the shrinking menu to make it smaller.

    Can I control the scrolldown button? where? for example I can put: #scroll-to-next-div +100 px

    Thanks for your time!!!!


    Or maybe the problem is that I made smaller the header by forcing the css. There is a more dinamic way of doing this? so the scrolldown recognize that change?

    menu scrolldown problem


    Hola Victor,

    Tendrías que modificar esta linea en js/avia.js (676):

    var target = container.offset().top - fixedMainPadding,

    Añadele o restale un valor numerico:

    var target = container.offset().top - fixedMainPadding + 50,

    Ajusta ese valor hasta que logres el resultado deseado.



    Gracias Máquina!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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