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    Hi there,
    Prior to the latest theme update I was able to specify what the thumbnail of a post from a particular category (displayed on the homepage in a grid) linked to – now I cannot – it links to the post, which is not what I want it to do – I want it to (on 90% of occasions) link to a PDF file, or somewhere else on the site – like a page.
    I’m currently getting around this by setting up a redirect – but that’s only a short term solution, somehow I need to be able to control the link destination of the thumbnail.
    Here’s a screenshot to help explain.
    A = the thumbnail generated from the Featured Image, which links to the post.
    B = excerpt text – which allows me to link to a PDF file, or a page etc.
    What I want to do is have that same level of control over the thumbnail link.
    Any ideas how I might do that?
    If there’s any other way I can achieve this – please let me know. Displaying posts (from a particualr category), using the excerpt (only) to link to (whatever) as well as have the ability to display the featured image as the thumbnail – seemed the easiest/best solution.
    Any thoughts greatly apprciated :)

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    Hey Jason!

    Do you mean by using the Link post type? I’m not sure of any blog grid setting which would allow you to set a specific url for a post within the grid.



    Hey Devin,
    No, it’s a standard post, & the thumbnail (which is the featured image) links to the post (which is I guess default behaviour).
    If you look at this site: down the bottom is Latest Documents, this is a Color Section with 5 content blocks displaying 5 posts.
    Each of those posts are pulled from a category, displayed in a Grid Layout, displaying the Excerpt only, with a custom thumbnail of 80×80.
    I’ve got a date offset on four of them.
    The thing is, 4 out of 5 of the Excerpt text links, link directly to PDF files, whereas the thumbnail links to the post.
    Ideally what I’d like to happen is to be able to specify where the thumbnail links to, or (I guess) remove that functionality from the thumbnail image.
    Unless you can think of another way I can achive what I’m after?



    Thank you for the update.

    I’m sorry but this is only possible if you set the post to Link format as Devin suggested then add the url in the content of where you want the thumbnail to redirect. In order to fix the excerpt, while editing the post, click on Screen Options then enable the Excerpt meta box. Place the summary or excerpt there. For example, create a post called Google Link, set it to Link format. Add on the content editor then the excerpt on the Excerpt metabox. If you check the grid layout overview page, you’ll see that the featured image of the post will go to when clicked.



    Hi Ismael,
    That is perfect – thank you very much!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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