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    Hello, I’m having troubles in creating portfolio item since I installed WPML Media plugin, that allow the translation of the captions of the media library. After having well readed their instruction at the page: — I created a new portfolio category, then a new portfolio item in the section “portfolio”, add 2/3 structure + 1/3 structure, and in the 2/3 add an “Easy Slider” and i load the images related to that portfolio item and category. I turn on the two checkbox of WPML media, then i try to load a featured image for the portfolio item, but then i open the media gallery i find no items. I choose “uploaded to this page” as they advice, but the media gallery remail empty, I’m not able to see the image i just loaded previously. if i want to add a featured image for that portfolio item i have to load a new one (so i let WP upload two times the same image). how to solve this?

    Then, i will continue to see the library empty if I open other posts or page and i try to load the images, and this happens since i activated the WPML media plugin.

    Another problem, if in the page that will contain the portfolio grid, I enter in portfolio grid configuration, and i choose the AJAX portfolio, save then update and publish the page, the ajax preview is not able to load any image, leaving my portfolio easy slider totally empty. If in the settings i choose “open the entry on a new page” i can see it well working.

    Help me please, and I still haven’t begin to translate and duplicate the media contents!!

    Thank you for the support and the wonderful theme, with Enfold I’m doing the most beautiful website of my life!!! :)


    and I also cannot see the portfolio categories list when i try to configure a portfolio grid in a page…



    I did a test and saw no problems with portfolio or categories. I made a video of me doing it, so perhaps you can spot what you do different. I think the main thing are the settings I show with the radio buttons.




    Thank you very much!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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