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    I am using get_blog_post as below to pull content from with the hopes of displaying the same content here ( (hosted on WPengine) and on many other networked sites.

    $post_6 = get_blog_post( 7, 333 );
    echo $post_6->post_title;

    The content will pull but I can’t figure out how to process the shortcodes to render properly.

    I wish to use this method on several pages once I figure it out.


    Hi bkheld!

    I’m not sure if this is possible. Let me ask Dude and Kriesi.

    Best regards,



    Use following code to process the shortcodes

    echo do_shortcode($post_6->post_content);



    Thanks Dude – this grabs and formats all of the content except the flexible full width header (can that be done) and the padding is a little off (looks like I might need to set the content holder size manually). Can I accomplish either of those items?


    Perhaps I am not putting this in the correct place?

    currently in loop-page.php – perhaps it should be in loop-index.php, but where?

    $pets = get_blog_post( 7, 333 );
    $faq = get_blog_post( 7, 319 );
    if ( is_page ('frequently-asked-questions')) echo do_shortcode($faq->post_content);
    if ( is_page ('pet-policy')) echo do_shortcode($pets->post_content);	
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    1) No, the header probably won’t work because it requires an attachment id (=slideshow image) and I’m pretty sure that the multisite blogs do not share the same media gallery images and attachment ids. Fetching the attachments from a different database would require a major rewrite of the template builder framework.

    2) Please elaborate on “the padding is a little off” – I’m not sure which padding you mean.

    Best regards,


    I figured out the padding issue. the page acting wonky wasn’t in a layout container.

    The header isn’t a deal breaker and I have an ok workaround in place. But theoretically, how would i go about fetching the attachment id, etc? the sites in this multisite all have replicated libraries so the same image and relative path, etc should all be the same.



    I recommend to hire someone from or here: if you really need this feature. I’m not sure what needs to be done – you first need to debug the code in /wp-content/themes/enfold/config-templatebuilder/avia-shortcodes/slideshow.php and then you probably need to find a way to fetch the right image id based on the multisite blog id.


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