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    I’ve looked at previous threads on hiding elements (sections, divs, classes) in desktop and mobile sizes and using ‘display: none;’ but this isn’t working on Windows and IE. I looked at my page on browser stack and my sections are all visible PLUS the main menu.

    This link has images from the browsers below:
    Windows 7ie 8
    Windows 10ie 11
    Windows 8.1ie 11
    Windows 8.1firefox 30
    Windows 8ie 10
    Windows 7ie 9


    Hey Steven,

    Could you post the CSS code you are using to hide certain sections of the page. This only happens in the above environments you listed, correct?

    Best regards,


    Yes, this only happens in Windows and Internet Explorer – testing on browserstack. CSS below:

    #bottom_section_mobile {display: none!important;}
    .mobile_gallery {display: none!important;}

    @media only screen and (max-width : 767px) {
    #bottom_section_mobile {display: block!important; position: absolute; bottom:0; background-color: transparent!important; z-index:600!important;}
    #bottom_section {display: none!important;}
    .mobile_gallery {display: block!important;}
    #bottom_section_mobile {display: block!important;}
    .desktop_gallery {display: none!important;}



    I’m sorry but IE8 do not support css media queries but those rules should be applied on IE9 and later versions.


    Best regards,

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