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    I run Enfold on several sites and a few times now I’ve had clients complain of working away on a page in the advanced layout builder and saving the page only to find that their content disappears. When I look in the database, the content has been replaced by a single shortcode for an advanced layout builder text block.

    The client does manage to restore from an autosave draft, but, as people somewhat uncomfortable with technology they definitely find it unnerving when this happens.

    I’m looking for suggestions as to what might be the problem…whether it’s with the theme, some sort of session timeout problem in wordpress itself, or whether it’s just one of those things that happens now and then.

    If anyone has any thoughts, I’d appreciate hearing them.


    Hi ilowelife!

    Do they paste simple content, or there might also be HTML inside?
    By any chance, any open tag left from the HTML?

    Can you give us some more informations of what content is used, so we might be able to help further?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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