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    I have some simple text and an image on a page that I created in the “Advanced Layout Editor”. When I click the “Default Editor” button, I do not see any of my content. Yet when I go back to the Advanced Editor, I can see the content.
    What can I do to correct this?


    Hey Dan!

    Yes, the advanced layout content and the “default” editor are not compatible with each other. You can use the magic wand icon: if you want to create a shortcode within the default editor. Alternatively you click on the “Advanced Layout Editor” button to switch back to the visual layout builder.



    Not sure I understand this. I have built a page in the Advanced Editor, then later when I clicked on the Default Editor, I saw all the short codes. I copied the short code and started a new page. But now when I click on pages built in the Advanced Editor, I don’t see anything. The pane is blank. What did I do the first time to see the Short Code? Or was that just lucky?



    If it has happened before it was an error with the avia layout builder. As it is the two do not share data and the content isn’t even saved in the same place.



    Yes, it stated doing it again. I Like. It should be a feature.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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