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    Hi Dude.

    My client has been experiencing sporadic contact us email issues.

    I have on his site placed three contact areas. I’ve tested them all and they seem to all be working and giving proper delivery feedback.

    The problem is that for others users (in particular) @hotmail email addresses the emails sometimes come through sometimes they don’t.

    A few things to consider. I am using Dreamhost as recommended by you in a previous thread by me.

    In addition, Google Apps has been configured to handle email for this url.

    Last but not least, directly emailing the email address set up to receive all request from site works instantly. I open Google Apps and it appears in inbox immediately. Via the web forms in Newscast it takes sometimes several hours to show??

    What else can i do to help my client?


    Hi Uri Grinwald,

    I’m really not sure what you mean. The theme does not have the ability to define multiple contact areas but instead it defines a single Contact page and allows for a submit news link.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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