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    I created a couple different contact forms on my website and I have tested them with several emails and they are not working properly, only a couple are actually working. What could be the problem?


    I believe only Yahoo emails are not working. I have tested hotmail, gmail, icloud and yahoo emails, and yahoo emails are the only ones I am not receiving anything from.



    Have you checked in Spam folder?



    Yes I have, but not receiving any contact form. I set an automatic reply as well on the contact forms and the Yahoo user does not receive anything either.



    Try checking if this plugin is able to send e-mails to Yahoo accounts:



    This is not working for AOL emails as well. I installed the plugin but that didn’t work :(



    Please elaborate the process you are trying. I’m ASSUMING

    When someone goto and try to reach you and if USER email address is on aol you are not receiving that message from your site in your inbox?


    When someone goto and try to reach you and if ADMIN email address is on aol you are not receiving that message from your site in your AOL inbox?

    We need to login and check this issue please provide us with your login info in a private message.



    Hi Vinay,

    The user email address are not receiving are auto-replies and their messages aren’t sending. I am not receiving emails on my end from AOL or Yahoo accounts. (could be others, I just know gmail and hotmail works)

    So for example, if (Email address hidden if logged out) fills out a contact form on my website, they are not receiving the auto-reply from the contact form, and I am not receiving their message to my inbox. So I don’t know how many emails I am missing as it seems there is no way to recover missed emails.



    I tested with my gmail and I got the auto response
    I tested with Yahoo I did not receive the mail just like you mentioned.

    Did you check in SPAM folder? If it is not there….

    This is not an issue with Enfold or WordPress it is the mail server from your hosting company which is probably blocking mails from yahoo or yahoo is blocking your mail server. please open a ticket with your hosting company.



    Hi, I have the same issue.
    Our customers fill out the Contact Form on our website and we supposed to receive the form in email.
    In most cases it works properly but sometimes we do not receive the email.
    I installed WP Mail Log plugin to figure out the problem. Yes, I see now logs of the missing emails. For the last few days we did not receive 3 emails from and
    Maybe there is some kind of issue with “y” letter?
    Did you find the solution to fix this issue? Please help.

    Thank you,

    P.S. Before we used Google form installed on the site and we did not lost any single email for 2 years.


    Hi vividus7,

    You might want to consider using a Contact from 7 or another form plugin to not have issues of this kind.

    If you need further assistance please let us know.
    Best regards,

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