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    My contact forms are both gone. the only thing showing is the Submit button. I’ve tried recreating them- no luck. Please help!


    Same here. All sites. This is VERY frustrating. We have quite a few we have built with this engine.

    Please fix quickly


    Same here. also google maps gone. have 15 paying local advertiser with contact form and maps. can’t wait ’til their mails rolling in…not


    same here. a lot broken.


    Same here.


    Contact form disappeared after update to WordPress 4.0.1
    Need urgent fix.
    Thank you


    Same here. Contact form and maps are missing.


    I reverted to version 4.0 until they fix this.


    Same here: form fields gone in main content area. Forms and maps in footer and sidebars seem to be okay though.


    Thanks William, that worked like a charm. My site is back up and looks good again. Contact forms working as they should.


    Also downgrading. Please fix for the new update of WordPress


    wnt to downgrade as well.. on the WP site it shows v4.1 available in beta2… the last version prior to this breaker version was 4.0RC1?


    Same here. Pricing table is also stripped of styling and FAQ as well.


    Same problem here, forms are gone.

    Also, thanks for the video William. I followed the instructions though, and refreshed the site/dashboard, but it’s still running 4.01… Not sure why I can’t get it to revert.


    The contact form issue was the only issue on one of my sites so I am temporarily using this plugin. Seems to work and style well. If I had more issues, I’d roll back. There was no beta of this update released from WP for the theme authors to test things, they are quickly working on a fix.


    Mine too!
    All I have is the header and submit button. All form fields and lables have vanised.


    As I mentioned above, It’s a temporary problem that will be fixed shortly with a patch. If you read the link I provided above you’ll see they are already working on it. For the time being, if you can’t be without a contact form for a day, you might try using the plugin I linked to above.


    Hi Cryscryb,
    That works with a single site, but when there are over 30 sites with the Enfold theme— I just don’t have the time. But thanks for your reminder. I had read the entire thread before posting.

Viewing 19 posts - 1 through 19 (of 19 total)
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