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    After testing the contact form (included in the Avia Lay Out Builder) for a while, so much problems showed up that we are near to skip the use of it and change to an external contact form plug in. The problems in detail are:

    – if you make entries and the validation fails, it does not scroll to the error. Worse, within the viewport is not visible that there are any errors at all.

    – Entries in select fields that lead to validation errors are not marked by the red frame (basically, the red frame is not working for select fields). So wrong or missing entries are not recognizable.

    – the red frame is hardly visible, quite apart from the problems color-blind people will have with that

    – There is not to observe any form of spinners or progress when submitting the form.


    Hi HighschoolAustralia,

    If you aren’t satisfied with the built in forms its perfectly okay to use an alternate plugin that has the features and functionality you want.




    Hi Devin,

    this is not a matter of satisfaction. Select fields that lead to validation errors are not marked by the red frame. This simply is a misfunktion or mistake or bug – however you want to call ist. Or am I wrong?

    To be forced to switch to an alternate plugin means doing the same thing twice – and this is my time.

    To keep it short: Is there a chance that this issue will be on your list or will the contact form stay like this?




    Can we see an example of the form you have now that isn’t working? The current form builder isn’t an overly complicated builder like say Gravity Forms or qforms but basic validation and builds should work fine.


    The link to the contact form is

    Presently all enquiries go to my adress, but more interesting are the ones that go nowhere at all …





    You can easily activate/add the error border with following css code

    #top #wrap_all .error .select {<br />
    border: 1px solid #DF653E;<br />

    I’d insert it into the quick css field. We’ll also include this code in the next theme update.

    Regarding the other issues – we’ll keep them in mind but tbh we’ve no plans to re-write the contact form code right now and it will probably stay like this. The contact form element is intended for simply forms and not for booking forms.I’d also suggest to try advanced contact form plugins like Gravity Forms or Formidable Pro which both work well with our theme.



    Thank you so far. Error borders work, but I`ll have a look on the recommended plugins nevertheless.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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