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    I’m trying to change the font color of the title in just one of my contact forms. The other ones shall remain as they are. I already set up the custom CSS class fields via the functions.php file (add_theme_support(‘avia_template_builder_custom_css’).

    Which code do I need to enter there, so get my form title to show in white as opposed to the standard dark tone?

    Thank you!


    Hey Eva,

    That code is no longer necessary. Please go to Enfold theme options > Layout Builder and check “Show element options for developers” and then edit your element and give it a custom CSS class (“my-custom-class” in example below) and add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under General Styling tab

    .my-custom-class h3 { color : white !important; }



    Thank you Yigit.
    I apologize for this clearly stupid question – but where do I find the enfold options > layout builder?




    No, not at all! I did not notice you were using an older version of the theme (4.0.7). Please update Enfold to the latest version 4.1.2 – You can check out highlighted new features here –

    After updating the theme, Layout Builder tab should be added in Enfold theme options :)

    Best regards,



    thank you! Updating the theme is definitely very high up on my to do list. But since I hadnt installed a child theme in the beginning, it seems to be a bit of a larger task, so that I don’t loose any customizations…
    Just to get this page up and running quickly, is there anything I can do in the meantime to get this done with the older version of the theme?
    Thank you so much!



    We are afraid we can not help further if the theme is not updated, as we always provide support per our policy only on the latest version
    to be sure there is not something that has been fixed already from our updates.

    We hope you understand

    Best regards,

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    Hi Eva,

    It looks like you have added html markup in the custom CSS field, if you want flexheadline to be the class, then only add that to the custom CSS field.

    Best regards,

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    thank you!

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