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    I have recently changed my theme over to Enfold and I believe it is the most current version.
    I have setup my contact form to send to the default address (which is the correct address). When using the form on the website everything functions as required, the confirmation comes up and everything. I don’t however ever receive the email.



    Just to discard if the issue is theme-related or not, please set up a CF7 form and test if it works.



    Installed and it still doesn’t send.
    I contacted my hosting provider (godaddy) and they ran a php script to test the server is sending mail which yielded a positive result, they mentioned it will be a theme issue.


    Well, it’s definitely not a theme issue, try switching back to the default WP theme and test the contact form (CF7).

    Maybe it’s WordPress whose doesn’t have enough permissions to send emails, you can discard this by sending a “password forgotten” email from the wp-login.php screen to your mail.

    Just to discard one more thing, have you tested with different destinations?



    I just tried to send the email via the forgotten password function and nothing was recieved.
    I presume this means it is a permissions issue. What files are responsible for that and what permissions should they have?


    I guess you are testing with info at, try with a gmail account, maybe is the email which can’t receive mails from websites.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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