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    I have the theme setup as the one-click dummy data import, with no other changes except I have added a few extra fields to the standard contact form. However:

    1) The required fields, when not filled in, or completed incorrectly, do not warn the user, except in the message (text-area) field. Isn’t the validation supposed to put a red border around any missing/incorrect fields (like it does on the message field if not completed)?

    2) Is it possible to add an auto scroll-to-top on submit, so that the ‘message sent label’ is immediately visible to the user (as on a form with more than a few fields, after submission the page looks blank and the user would have to scroll back to the top of the page to see the message sent message, which is not ideal)?




    Hi Matt,

    1) Looks like a bug with the css. I’ll report the issue to Kriesi as I don’t think it has been reported yet.

    2) I’ll add this one to the feature requests for the next round of theme updates (no guarantee one or the other).




    Thanks Devin

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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