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    My contact form for enfold isnt working – when testing, nothing happens. I set up the settings with the email address and the email response back and when i test the form and fill out the fields, press send, the form fields disappear but nothing else happens. the site is currently at: until we can switch the DNS over. any help greatly appreciated.


    I think it may need to be connected to the domain to work.


    Hi kerin01,

    The mail funciton is just using the default wordpress mail function which you can test by using any contact form plugin and setting it up with the same email.

    A lot of hosts these days also block email being sent out if it isn’t originating from the domain ( to prevent spam as well as generally not allowing php to send mail without a server setting. So it would be a worth a quick check with your host to make sure the normal php mail function as well as wordpress mail functions are allowed.




    The site has been moved to the domain and the form still isnt working. ( The web address does not match the email address set in the form. it is a work site on our own servers, so is there something I can tell our IT guys to look for? my tech knowledge only goes so far. The form if you try it, just blanks out after you click send. nothing is displayed and no auto response is received.


    the IT folks figured it out. will mark this resolved. thanks for the response!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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