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    when using a “+”-character in mail’s local-part this is valid!
    example: (Email address hidden if logged out)

    But when using such a address in a enfold contact form the Mail-address will be rejected. (even the “kriesi pre-sales questions” contact form)
    The E-Mail input got red and this error occured: “Error in inputfields. Please check. Form could not be submitted.”

    See for explanation of this “plus-alias addresses”.

    How can this bad situation can be fixed!
    Is it a simple regex in JS ?



    Thanks for contacting us!

    We will report the issue to our devs however I am not sure if this is going to be a simple fix or not.
    Have you tried using more advanced contact forms such as Contact Form 7 plugin?



    Hi Yigit,

    thanks for your feedback.
    I have not tried another contact form plugin until you asked for.

    With Contact Form 7, the mail address in “Your email” has been accepted, even with + in localpart.
    Mail delivery works as expected. (delivered successfully to site admin mail, which is also with + in localpart)



    Thank you for the feedback, this has been reported to the dev team, once we hear back we will reply here. Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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