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    Hi there,

    I am having some problems with the contact form in Avia Layout Builder.

    1. If I use the Avia Layout Builder, Contact Form. filled forms do not show up in the “Feedback” section of wordpress administration.

    2. If I use the wordpress insert form tool from the wysiwyg editor with the Avia Layout Builder, the behaviour of building the form is very buggy and inconsistent..

    I Much Much prefer the Avia Layout Builder Contact form due to the user interface and lack of other limitations, BUT and this is a HUGE BUT, having filled out forms NOT show up in “Feedback” is very much a problem.

    Is there a way that I can get forms to show up in feedbacks like a normal wordpress form?

    Thanks in advance..



    Hey Erich Nolan!

    Where is this ‘feedback’ section coming from?



    Hi Josue,


    Contact Form
    A contact form is a great way to offer your readers the ability to get in touch, without giving out your personal email address.

    Each contact form can easily be customized to fit your needs. When a user submits your contact form, the feedback will be filtered through Akismet (if it is active on your site) to make sure it’s not spam. Any legitimate feedback will then be emailed to you, and added to your feedback management area.

    sorry for delay on my reply.





    There is no way to make the Enfold Contact Form entries appear in the Jetpack Feedback section, they are two different scripts.

    I guess what you want to achieve is to have a Contact Form and at the same time that stores the messages, if that’s the case you can use this combination of plugins: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -extension/


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