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    Hi guys,

    we use the consent management modal on several customer projects. It is quite content heavy and requires many interactions to be used. This is not ideal but you can live with it.

    On mobile it is a different story though. Due to the buttons being placed at the end of the modal, several issues arise:

    1. You have multiple scrolling areas
    – Within the content of the tabs
    – The modal itself to reach the buttons
    2. The buttons are out of the viewport and very hard to reach. This creates a barrier for some visitors
    3. In landscape mode on small devices the modal is placed at the lower edge of the screen. The buttons are at the very edge of it and partly off screen. This makes it even harder to use

    To fix the most urgent issue, I would suggest making the buttons sticky / fixed at the lower end of the modal. The content can and should remain scrollable. But the buttons have to be there in the initial viewport.

    Here are some good examples of very well done consent management tools which I would recommend as boilerplate. Make sure to check their mobile behaviour as well!

    The consent tool should benefit a lot from slimming it’s content and moving the text elements behind toggles.

    Looking forward for your response on this suggestions.


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    Hey Jan,

    Thanks a lot for your suggestion!

    We will update cookie modal window and make buttons sticky at the bottom of the screen on mobile :)

    Best regards,


    Hi everyone,

    I’m also experiencing problems with the mobile version of the cookie and privacy settings modal window. The buttons seem to stick to the bottom now, but when you scroll down, the screen cuts off parts of the modal window (and those parts don’t re-appear, so the modal window itself ends up getting smaller and smaller – it looks really gimpy and weird) and it also isn’t possible to scroll down all the way to the bottom on some of the sections of the modal window, so you can’t reach some of the sticky buttons.

    Is there a way of fixing / overhauling the mobile version of the cookie modal window?

    The phone I’m using is an iPhone 7 (iOS 13.7) and the browser I’m using is Safari.

    I’ve added my login info in case that helps (the site is still under construction)

    Thanks and best,



    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have a solution for this?

    Thanks and best,


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