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    not sure if you’ll be able to help but since I have the problem only since I used enfold you might have a tip.
    I am using the Quform Plugin
    The plugin itself an the created forms work totally fine.
    Problem is adding a form to a page / post.
    They have a shortcode button in the visual editor. When pressing that it brings up a form where you can choose the form you want to add in the page and creates the shortcode. This form pops up in a lightbox mode. and there is the problem. It either does not come up at all or maybe it’s hidden behind the avia editor.

    Was wondering now if there was a way to somehow add their shortcode to your wizzard so avoid this?

    Right now I can’t show you the issue since I only have a local installation.
    Hope you have an idea anyway.



    Hi mtupuschies!

    I don’t have the access to the plugin so I can’t test it. Have you tried inspecting the lightbox pop up and add a z-index to bring it to the top? A screenshot will help.


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    Please edit js > avia.js, find this code:

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Replace it with:

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times, see if the quform button works.


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    I’m sorry but I’m really not sure what is causing the button’s malfunction. Let’s wait for Dude’s and Kriesi’s response.

    Best regards,



    I fixed it. I had to change a code line in framework/js/conditional_load/avia_google_maps_widget.js and this fix will be included in the next update (Enfold 2.4).



    Hi Dude – any chance you could give us the line of code you amended in avia_google_maps_widget.js as I had to disable that file in order to get jquery used by a plugin (Sabai Directory) to work?

    Also another user who was having difficulty (Michael1) with a well known commercial slider plugin was having the same sort of conflict until he too disabled that file.

    Ideally I’d like to not have it disabled! :)

    Regards – Jeeves



    Sure – I replaced

     if(settings &&'action=save-widget') != -1 &&'id_base=' + widget_id_base) != -1)


     if(typeof( !== 'undefined' &&'action=save-widget') != -1 &&'id_base=' + widget_id_base) != -1)



    Dude – many thanks for the code – that worked!

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