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    Following the closed topic:

    I noticed the suggested change to the shortcode.js broke a fullscreen slider (on my homepage). I changed it back to the default shortcode.js and it works again. I have 2 sorts of fullscreen sliders and it only broke one type.
    – Fullscreen slider with 1 slide and no captions: OK
    – Fullscreen slider with 2 slides and captions on each slide: Broken

    Unfortunately the latest Enfold update hasn’t disabled the “stay open” tooltips on Google Maps (instead of closing tooltips when clicking another), so I still need the change.

    Can you suggest what I should change in order to only have one tooltip open at a time, please?


    Hey DavyE!

    Your saying that edit broke your slider? Is this the same problem your having here?

    Best regards,


    Hi Elliott.

    No, that’s a different situation. This edit broke the slider as in not showing caption AND image for any slide ever. That other topic talks about an issue that sometimes does not show a caption.

    The issue here occurred after editing the shortcode.js file and was fixed again after going back to the standard code. The other issue has been going on for several months.



    Alrighty, I’ll flag this for Josue to take a look.



    I would also like to have 1 tooltip on my map open at once. There was a previous post to a github of a replacement shortcode.js but that does not work on 3.1.


    Hi @DavyE!

    Can you hand me an admin account in a private reply?

    Best regards,

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    My fullscreen slider broke with the update as well. The caption comes on, but no image behind it. *sigh* Bad for a portfolio website.


    Actually the EasySlider is also broken, but at least it has the curtesy to properly hide so the content below bumps to top (so it doesn’t look so weird).

    BTW, do you know the “submit” button on these forums doesn’t bring users to a ‘success’ page or reload the thread, but to a blank white page? It’s been happening for a while.


    Ach – my other site’s slider is also broken.


    It’s a problem in Google Chrome. It works in Safari and Firefox.



    , i’ve re-applied the mod to shortcodes.js, can you check if the slider is still broken? if it is, please post a link to the page in question.

    , your websites are not loading, also i think your issue is different as this is more about an experimental modification to the Maps script in shortcodes.js, if you’ve not done that, it would be better to create a new topic for your issues.



    Hi @Josue – is this the shortcodes.js file you updated:

    I had used this before 3.1 for only displaying 1 map popup window at a time, but now the map doesn’t display at all with it now.



    Hi John!

    Hand me an admin account in a private reply and a link to the page with the problem.


    This reply has been marked as private.

    I see, there seems to be some strange characters in the content Gist returns, it’s weird. Try using this one instead:

    Best regards,


    Thank you Josue – that’s perfect!

    I really appreciate the help.


    Glad it worked :)

    Best regards,


    Hey Josue,

    Thanks for the modification, it works fine as far as I can see!


    You are welcome, always glad to help :)


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