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    hi there,
    I am struggling a bit with the conditional links and two menu on my page.
    here is the thing: I am using a one page solution with a main menu and I have some legal information that I have put into two different pages (via footer: AGBs, Impressum).
    Since the main menu has some acnhor links set up for the different sections on the front page – that menu wont work with the subpages. so I realized that there might be a solution with the conditional linking.
    Everything is set up – but only one menu shows…
    depending which menu is set up as Main (Enfold) menu – that menu appears – the other not…

    see here what I did set up:

    any idea what I am missing?
    thanks in advance


    Hey aovivo!

    I don’t understand what’s going on there. What does the text say for that option and how did you get it? It doesn’t look like any of your plugins would be adding it and I’m pretty sure it’s not a feature in the default WordPress menus.



    HA – got it…

    however I couldnt manage to put the contitional links into one menu element – like pages ID 552, 555, 559, etc…
    So I guess there is a possibility to add more pages into the page-ID section but whatever I tried (with comma seperations, semicolon, brackets) nothing worked – so I ended up in adding a single element to each page (altough the menu in the header was the same for alle the linked pages..)

    anyhow – it worked at the end as expected… thanks for that alteration!!
    my best regards

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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