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    Dear Technical Support,
    We’re running WordPress 6.4.3 with the Enfold theme.
    We have decided to enable comments on our website but encountering an issue with comment moderation on our site. Despite selecting the option “Before a comment appears Comment must be manually approved” in the “Discussion Settings”, comments are not being received for manual approval, nor are they appearing on the site.
    Could you please assist us in resolving this matter? We need guidance on how to rectify it for smooth comment moderation and publication.
    Thank you for your attention to this issue.


    Hey pnamroud,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    We may need to access the site to fully understand the issue. Could you please create a staging or development version of the site and share the login details in the private field? It’s recommended to deactivate all plugins during testing, so please make sure you have created a backup or restore point for the site before proceeding.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Ismael for your reply.
    Information for access to the development version is in the private field.


    Thank you for the link to your site but the login gives this error:
    Unknown email address. Check again or try your username.
    Please check.

    When you say that the “comments are not being received” do you mean that you are not getting the email or they are not in the comment section of WordPress?
    Enfold doesn’t customize the WordPress comment function, so if you are not getting the email alerting that you have a new comment it could be that it is going to your email spam folder, or some webhosts use Apache SpamAssassin which will sometimes delete the spam before it goes to your spam folder.

    Your site should be using the email address for your domain and you should be using a SMTP plugin to send emails, like WP Mail SMTP, because the built-in WordPress PHP mail can trigger a spam rating. You should also not use a free email box like Gmail.
    Try setting this up and see if it helps, otherwise correct the login and install the plugin WP Mail Logging to help.

    Best regards,


    Hello Mike,
    Thanks for the reply.
    Let me answer your questions one at a time:

    a) When you say that the “comments are not being received” do you mean that you are not getting the email or they are not in the comment section of WordPress?
    The answer is both. We are not seeing the comment in our moderation section, AND we are not receiving an email.
    b) We checked our spam folder, and it is not coming through to the spam folder.

    To tell you the truth, we care more about the fact we don`t see it in the moderation section of WordPress. The email we know that smtp plugin is not functioning for Contact Form 7, so we estimate it is an issue. But what is not normal not able to see the comments in the discussion section for moderation. All our research in WordPress are pointing to an issue with the theme.
    For example, if you check this blog post: if you look at the end of the page, it shows the count of 4 comments, without displaying each one of those obviously, since they are not yet approved. However when we switch to the portal, to moderate those comments, we see NO comments to moderate.

    Note : we tried also by disabling Akismet without any luck.

    Looking forward for your reply



    Thank you for the info.

    The comment count is visible in the Comments panel, but no items are displayed. We tried to temporarily disable the plugins on the development site, but the issue persists. On further checking, we noticed that the site is still using an older version of the theme, 5.0.1. This outdated version may be contributing to the comment issue. Please try to upgrade the theme to version 5.6.10 and let us know us whether the upgrade resolves the issue.

    Best regards,


    Hi Ismael,
    We followed your instructions and generated an Envato private token for our Enfold theme and successfully updated the Enfold theme on our development website to version 5.6.10 per your guidance.

    However, despite these actions, we are still unable to view and edit comments on our website.
    Additionally, we have encountered another issue where we cannot update the theme version on our live website using the same token. (You can find a link to the screenshot in the private content.
    We would greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving these issues.


    Thank you for your patience and the link to your site, this is a strange issue, your comment section says that you have over 1.7k comments, but none are shown:
    I found a similar thread on wordpress stackexchange that seems to point to a database issue the WPML translation, I see that you had WPML installed. In the thread it was pointed out that disabling the plugin didn’t help, try the recommenion from the thread.
    I don’t believe that this is related to Enfold because I can’t reproduce this and have not seen any other reports link this.
    I tried the plugin WordPress Comments Import & Export to see if the comments could be exported, but the export was empty, so this didn’t help.

    Best regards,

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