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    Having 2 issues:

    1) This makes no sense to me at all – but for every comment ends up for moderation – even though we don’t have it set to be like that. I can’t even imagine how a theme would impact that – but I know the settings are right. Any thoughts on this?

    2) When a post does not have a featured image, so when using “Small Preview and excerpt, read more” format — the icons of like pencil, video, etc. show up – the ‘hover text’ ends up being the entire post HTML. I currently turned it off by setting .small-preview { pointer-events: none; }. That works, but… in the theme demo you seem to have some ‘custom text’ there – how are you accomplishing that? Asked another way – is there a way to have some hover text on the small generic preview images that isn’t just a blob of html?

    Thanks! And thanks for the nice looking theme!



    Hey starshyne!

    1.) Did you disable these settings on Settings > Discussion?

    An administrator must always approve the comment
    Comment author must have a previously approved comment

    Please check the setting “Comment Moderation” and increase the value.

    2.) Can you please give us a link to the actual page with the issue?



    1) Comment moderation settings are all correct – here is a screenshot –

    2) Here is a screenshot of the html blob on hover over —
    The blob appeared when we hovered over the pencil icon…

    Like I said – I changed the CSS to include — .small-preview { pointer-events: none; }
    so right now things are fine – since I’m hiding pointer-events….


    The comments thing is a big deal, and since the settings are correct do you have any thoughts here?

    The hover over showing the blob of html – to me there must be a way to change what shows on hover over — but, where is that? In your enfold demo there are lots of different things that pop up when you hover over an icon, so… how did you accomplish that?



    Please give us a link to the actual website. We really need to see it live. Did you use any special plugins for the comment area? Another user reported the same issue with the small preview image but it has been fix on the latest update of Enfold.



    Do you need just to see the site? Or get behind the scenes?
    The site is

    • This reply was modified 7 years, 1 month ago by  starshyne. Reason: added site address

    No special comment plugins. Are using Askimet but the problem existed before we turned that on.
    Do you need a login to the site?



    Please update to the latest version of Enfold, do a backup of your current theme if you have done any modification to the core files.


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