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    Hi. I posted yesterday the following :

    Hi Kresi. i can’t figure where i can translate the “coming soon” template elements ie. “WEEKS, DAYS, Notifi me on launch, ….” (not in .po file).

    and got the following :

    Please install this free software – and update your language file and then search for the strings.

    I already use peoedit, but can’t locate the strings i need to translate

    Thanks for helping.

    / olivier


    Hi Loeilrotatif!

    In that case, can you please try using this plugin instead – and translate the strings from WordPress backend?



    Hi Yigit.

    I just can’t find the Coming Soon template strings through Peo Edit, nor through the plugin, nor checking inside php files.
    I just need to translate the quick form “name” / “E-mail” / “notify me on launch”.
    Thanks for helping.

    / olivier



    Please edit your page and then edit contact form element to change those strings :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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