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    Hello Guys,

    Updated one of our enfold pages to use a colour section with a background image as fixed. Looks great on a desktop, however it doesn’t seem to work on iPad or iPhone as well. The image in the colour section is there, but it’s just a section of it and it scrolls, rather than stay fixed.

    Any ideas for a fix?

    Thank you.



    Can you give us a link to the website? Do you have the latest version of Enfold, 2.0.1? If you have any plugins installed, please deactivate them first. Let me tag Devin to check this through.




    Hi Ismael,

    the site is, yes I’ve got the newest version I believe.

    I’ve only got a few plugs like Yoast, and have disabled and checked, but I still have the issue.

    Many thanks for looking into this.



    It might help if I gave you the specific page… here’s the link

    Thanks guys,



    Looks like the color section is working. It’s just that the sky in the picture is too large for mobile devices and it looks like it is not moving.




    Hi thanks,

    It looks fine in the link you sent, but when it’s on an actual iPad or iPhone it doesn’t appear correct (The image in the colour section is there, but it’s just a section of it and it scrolls, rather than stay fixed).

    If the picture is too large as you suggest, what size do you recommend reducing it too?

    Thank you



    Let us wait for Devin and Kriesi to answer. They can check this on an actual iOS device.





    Sorry to jump in but I am experiencing exactly the same problem. In the emulator everything appears fine but testing on actual mobile devices the images appear static. What is the optimal image size for the fixed colour section? The page I am having problems with is:



    Hi All,

    For mobile, its best if you set the image to be fixed in the Center vertically and horizontally. So Center Center for the position option.

    I believe there is/was a bug for fixed images in iOS which is why it isn’t showing as fixed in iOS in the example links.




    Hi Devin, thanks for getting back to us.We’ve tried your suggestion, and it didn’t seem to to work. I’ve placed the image centre centre this is the result.

    Desktop is great and shows the image as before

    iPad / iPhone, since making the change it now shows no image and is showing a ‘main content’ colour

    Did we make the correct change?

    Not sure how went with their change? (Nice site btw, love the banner)

    Many thanks Devin.



    Hi Devin, our images are also set to Centre Centre. I did try a very small, low resolution image and set it to repeat. The result of this is a fixed image but only for the first two scrolls down the page. When you touch the screen for a third time the image moves with the page.

    From your comment about an iOS issue I did some searching and found several posts regarding iOS and ‘position:fixed’ – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -on-ios/

    Do you think this the issue? I noticed ‘background-attachment: fixed’ is used within the CSS. If so do you have any suggestions to resolve it?

    (same to you Mars, nice use of the fixed image/price box combo!)





    Hey! I think I found a solution that should work on mobile devices. Will update the theme later today, let us know if it solves you issue. The enfold version is 2.1

    Best regards,



    Hey cheers and thanks Kriesi!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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