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    Hi guys!

    First off, I LOVE Enfold. You’ve changed my coding-life forever. Secondly, I was super psyched to see the new option under Colorboxes to specify their height as 100%, 75%, etc of browser height. However it doesn’t seem to be working perfectly for me.

    My site: tmn.biklopsdesign.com

    As you can see, the first section is a colorbox with some text in it and I have set that colorbox to be 100% of the browser height. And it works great on my macbook but on my friends larger monitor it’s only stretching to be about 70% height. Any ideas? Your help would be most appreciated in getting this site up. Thank you!


    Hey biklops!

    It does work on my end. If you select 50%, the color section’s container css will be set like this:

    .av-minimum-height-50 .container {
    height: 205px;

    75% will look like this:

    .av-minimum-height-75 .container {
    height: 308px;



    But it *looks* like this: screenshot. Any thoughts?



    The image you posted is missing. Please check the image url. It doesn’t really mean 100%, it will only adjust the height of the color section to a certain height. It will not look the same on different screens with different resolution. You can use the Fullscreen Slider if you really want a natural full screen section.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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