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    Hi there,

    I have a color section with video background (self hosted mp4) on my homepage. In the media library I put the corresponding ogv and webm too.
    It works fine on desktops and laptops but when I tested it with a brand new iPad Pro, I can’t see the video.
    On the same page I have a video player which is working correctly with self hosted mp4, ogv, webm.
    I was thinking that maybe the self hosted mp4 was the problem so I created a test page with 5 different video background sections: youtube link, vimeo link and the self hosted mp4, ogv, webm. Still nothing.
    Please note that the mp4 in the test page was downloaded from youtube for a correct encoding, as suggested in a post here.

    Can you please tell me if there is a way to show the video background in that color section?
    Or if I can use a different element (Fullwidth Easy Slider, Advanced Layer Slider) with video background as an alternative?



    Hi T_Architect88-2015!

    autoplay for mobile is deactivated by default due to restrictions by the vendors of those devices. Use a fallback image instead for mobile devices.



    Hi Andy,

    can you define what do you mean for “mobile devices”? Do “mobile devices” include also tablets? What about laptops? Are they considered “mobile devices” as well?
    As wrote in my first post, I’m experiencing this problem on an iPad tablet and it looks weird to me that video backgrounds in color sections work only for desktop and laptop.
    If this is the case, please add a specification about that in the theme description for transparency sake… this is really important to take in account when someone is buying a theme, considering that people are more and more using phones and tablets to browse websites.

    Waiting for your answer.



    Mobile devices such as iPhone or Androids do not autoplay videos due to various reasons (processors, bandwidth or data per unit cost etc), that’s why we included an option in color section to hide the video on mobile then show the background or fallback image.

    Hide video on Mobile Devices?
    You can choose to hide the video entirely on Mobile devices and instead display the Section Background image
    Most mobile devices can’t autoplay videos to prevent bandwidth problems for the user

    Related article:

    If you really need to show the video on the page, hide the color section then add the video element. You can then toggle the display of these elements by using css media queries. Example here:


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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