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    I just updated to WordPress 4.0 and Enfold 2.9.2, and noticed that the Color Section no longer stretches-to-fit my background.

    An example of this is on our membership page:

    The background images behind “The Road Map” and “How You’ll Attain Mastery” are both 1200 px wide; the background behind the section on “the cost of film education” is 1600 px and is positioned “Center Right.” The width of my browser is 1677 px (in Chrome; in Safari it is 1678px), which means that there are white borders now that the backgrounds don’t stretch to fit.

    Is this a glitch or is this a permanent change?



    Do you have this option selected?



    Hi Josue,

    Yes, I selected “Stretch to Fit” for all three Color Sections on that page. (Everything was working fine until this most recent update.)


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    Hi Tim,

    Can you please create me an administrator account? post it here as a private reply.


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    Hi Tim!

    The login details you posted are not working, please re-check.


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    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    background-size: cover !important;

    Then you’ll be able to have it stretched and fixed/scroll.




    Thank you so much, Josue!



    You are welcome Tim, always glad to help :)



    I need some assistance on this as well but for tablet. I am aware that parallax has been disabled on tablet which is fine SO I made a secondary version of my color sections WITHOUT parallax to be shown on tablet only (using @media) and I set them to stretch to fit and scroll and they are still showing a broken parallax that only covers half the color section.

    I simply want to be a plain stretch to fit image behind my elements – I can’t get it to stop broken-parallaxing.
    Please help :(

    I did try the code above to try and force it to stretch-to-fit to no avail. I am using a apple ipad 2.

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    Please update the theme to the latest version (3.6.1).

    Best regards,


    My color section stretches – it’s the content within. It was… but now it isn’t, and on all pages. Maybe I enabled or disabled something and just don’t recall.

    Here is the link. Any assistance is appreciated.

    Check out the front page as an example: The three blocks, How we came to bee, the Blog, Beecome…

    Thank you –


    Hi dlambers,

    The How it came to bee section is full width, the background image is stretching full width as you can see. The content though will always stay within the container size. If you want that to be 100% as well then you can change it under Enfold->General Layout->Dimensions.

    Best regards,


    Thanks, Rikard,

    I went in before posting the original request for help and DID try changing the settings multiple times under Enfold->General Layout->Dimensions.

    Problem was buried css. Found the culprit and fixed it!

    Thanks much –


    Hey dlambers,

    I’m glad this was resolved. If you need additional help, please let us know here in the forums.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

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