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    Hello. I have added a Section ID to all of my Color Sections, which are used on different pages. However, it seems like the css only works for the last Section ID I have listed. For example, the css for .page-id-103 is used for color section .page-id-102, even though I have code for that page. Any ideas? Thanks.

    .page-id-102 #products .nonfixed_header .container_wrap:first-child, .avia-section.avia-full-stretch {

    min-height: 250px;


    .page-id-103 #contact .nonfixed_header .container_wrap:first-child, .avia-section.avia-full-stretch {

    min-height: 150px;



    Hi joe88,

    We’ll need to see the page with the css active to get a handle on what you mean. My guess however is that you have a css error in your file which is causing the css to fail at some point.




    Hi Devin. Please disregard. I changed the css to the following, “.page-id-20 #home.avia-builder-el-12 …” for each page.

    Adding the avia-builder-el-12 for each section appears to have taken care of the issue. Thanks!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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