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    First of all I want to say that you have made a great theme.
    I am using enfold with a right sidebar and I have a color section at the bottom of my home page. The problem is that the color section is pushing the sidebar below the the content. I know the color section is 100% and that is what I want, but now there is a big blank space where the sidebar should be. It’s obvious when you check the link:
    Do you have a workaround to get it in place again?

    Regards Jappie

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    Hello JappieNL!

    You can only use Color Section on fullwidth pages



    Hi Yigit,

    That is disappointing. For me it is not about the color section but I would like to have the bottom part 100%. so that the 3column section overlaps the white/empty sidebar section. Is there another approach to achieve this? Maybe some custom css?

    Regards Jappie


    Hi Jappie!

    Sorry but not that i know of. Layer Slider and Color Sections cannot be used with sidebars



    Sorry but I think the support is really bad. First of all the problem I was facing is just a bug, I have read several other topics where the support team says that the color section can be at the bottom when having a sidebar.
    Next to that I have solved it with minimal css knowledge but with a lot of time, this is something an expert like you should be able to solve in a minute.
    Now in your last response you say it is not possible to have Layer slider and color sections with a sidebar, this is simply not true. I am running my website with both and a sidebar.

    I am really disappointed in the support. I have bought Enfold two times now for my clients but this was the last time.

    Regards Jappie


    Seems to me you’re misunderstanding what a sidebar is. By definition a sidebar fills the whole side of the layout. It’s not a bug, it’s how wordpress is designed. If you want to mix full width and column layouts, why not just use a full width template and use the layout builder to set out the mixture of full width/column sections as you need it?

    I think you’re being rather unfair with your comments about the support on here as they guys do an awesome job of supporting Kriesi’s themes. *WAY* better than most themes I’ve bought in the past.



    Jappie, can you please show me where you have LayerSlider that is *not* on the top of the page and with a sidebar? I checked the website you posted earlier and could not find it. I’m sorry that your are disappointed. If you have further questions or issues, I’m sure your opinion will change about support we provide :)

    Richard, thank you for explanation and for your kind words.

    Best regards,



    Just to build on Yigit’s comment, you can have a LayerSlider at any point in a page but it will always be full width. I think that is what he meant.

    Since the original topic question has been solved by Jappie already I’ll go ahead and close the topic. If you have any other questions its always best to post a link to the site so we have a reference point and hopefully we can assist :)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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