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    Hi all. First off, this theme is fantastic, really love it.

    For colored sections, where you place a static image as the background so its like you are looking through a window (Meet The Team page in Enfold theme), is there a way to make the default window larger? I don’t want to add text into it or any other elements, I would just like teh actual vertical size to be larger. Possible?

    Second is with the LayerSlider WP designer. I’m running into an issue with my foreground elements not always behaving nicely with my background. Basically I’m using a bg image where I want to feature the center of the image, and ideally keep the foreground elements from crowding over it if the browser window gets too small.

    To clarify all this, I have uploaded screenshots, see the link below. You will find one that demonstrated the color section issue, and 3 for the LayerSlider WP issue (one thats correct, and one that shows how it formats ugly when the window is too small and too large).

    THANKS YOU IN ADVANCE for all your help, couldn’t do it without everyones wonderful insight.




    Hi Alex,

    For the color section, you could try using an horizontal ruler element and setting it to Whitespace and a custom height you want.

    The slider issue is a bit more complex. We would need to see it live to see whats going on and then possibly do some custom css tweaks if the built in elements can’t provide a solution.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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