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    Hello, Trying to replicate what I see here: WWE Event the Dark Grey Area, I decided to use the Color Section as I thought it would be easy to use and fix to complete task…. Well I got all the sections in there but the bar is totally messed up. As the grey goes “Full Width” and would just like to have it go picture width. I got it once but when I tried in different resolution sizes it was not right so I had to scrap it and hope that you guys could come up with a solution that could help out?

    Image In this image where the Red border is, is where I WOULD like it the grey to stop and I could figure out how to fit in all the info in there!!!!

    The URL I am currently working on is:

    Sent you Login Info so maybe you can give it a try…



    Hey Hardwire,

    I get redirected to a password protected page when I click the first link you sent, so I’m not sure exactly what you are trying to replicate? Could you try to explain a bit further maybe?

    Best regards,


    I sent you login info so you could get to what I am trying to achieve! So don’t know how much more detail I should have given to explain?
    I did give you the login info that I made for you so you had access to the Dashboard. I did check it out before I gave it to you so I know it did work in full…. Now I find out I am having FATAL ERRORS on my site and /wp-login.php page which I DID NOT HAVE before I sent the ticket to you…

    But if you go here: …. You will see picture of guys than RIGHT BELOW that there is a GREY Bar below it with info and links inside there….. That is the area I am trying to replicate…..

    First I have to figure out how and when this FATAL ERROR OCCURED because as noted when I sent you the “Private Content” the site was still in “Coming soon Mode” hence I sent you to the login page with the username and password and the page I was working on…..


    I had my Webhost Fix the FATAL ERROR so you should Have no problem with that…. something happened….but since its fixed

    Pages > Page 2 > — — WWE Raw Brooklyn Tickets (Edit) is the page in question! Thanks


    Closed, Fixed on own… Opening a new help for new problem

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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