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    The color section background on my home page which has a video with a color overlay works fine at 100% of screen height. However, when I shift it to 75% of screen height (which is what I want), the video flickers/flashes in the other 25% without the color overlay. The theme appears to be designed to work at 75% as an option, but instead of just showing 75%, the video flickers in the other 25%. Is there any way to fix this without changing the size of the video?


    Hey MA09633!

    video is working fine for me. Can you show us a test page where it’s flickering for you please?



    Looking at home page video, it is doing it now. I find that if I use Chrome as browser, it doesn’t flicker. If I use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, it does. Microsoft Edge seems to work fine. I don’t have Firefox, but I’m guessing that is fine too. Only IE11. Problem is most of corporate America uses IE11.



    Have you checked on another PC? videos seems to play fine on my end (Win 7 / IE 11).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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