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    The background images on my website are not displaying on mobile Safari:

    I have tested on an iPhone and iPad, same blurred effect.

    The images are in color sections, set to Stretch to Fit.

    Can you replicate and take a look at my CSS?




    I have the exact same problem with a background image on a color section, in Safari Browser.
    The thing is, it only does this for certain images because I have another background image in another color section that works perfectly fine on safari.

    Do you guys know a solution?


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    Found the problem!

    The name of the image file must not contain special characters such as “ù” or “é” or any special character.
    Might be the same problem with your images @ciaran1212.

    Have a nice one !


    Hi pberquet, thanks for trying, unfortunately the names of my images are:


    So not the issue in this case :-(

    @support, anyone else having this issue? Is it specific to my CSS?

    K Rgds,



    I noticed that you are using a caching plugin. Would you mind opening your plugin’s settings page and temporarily deactivate the caching of your site? Then please try to clear your browser cache and hard refresh the site (Hold CTRL + SHIFT + RELOAD) to see if that solves the issue.

    Please deactivate all plugins one by one to check which one is causing this issue and let us know if this solves the problem.
    In addition to that, please let us know if we are allowed to deactivate one or more of your plugins as well for testing purposes :)

    Best regards,

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