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    Does the color section only work on a full width site? I have my site boxed and the color section doesn’t align when using for example two 1/2 columns:


    Got it wrong… :) Color section shouldn’t work within columns (in builder you can’t drag it to a column). Try setting the background image to strechted.

    Working fine here:


    What background image do you mean? I don’t use one. It’s just that with the picture on the left and the text on the right, the text gets very close to the edge of the box. That’s my point: I used a color section and added two 1/2 columns in it but they don’t align right.


    I found out what was the problem and that’s too bad actually. It turned out the color section’s alignment gets messed up when using a page with sidebars.

    Hopefully one of the support members knows a fix for this.



    Color Section is meant to be full width. You can either use it at the very top or bottom of a page with sidebar or use on a full width page.




    Yes, I know it’s intended for pages full width. But, when I use it on a page with a sidebar the alignment is off.

    Compare this page – – to this page –

    So my question remains: how can I fix color section so it aligns properly on a page with a sidebar?


    Still having the alignment issue.


    Hi yingfuli,

    I don’t see any major visual issue with the two pages. The color section still needs to have columns inside of it to give alignment and isn’t meant as a way to create a container.




    The difference between the two pages is rather apparent I think: on the image of the color section is aligned at the outer bounds of the container, whereas on the image is aligned as it should be, with some padding between it and the container bounds. And yes, I have used columns on both pages. As it is the first is a page with sidebar, the other is full width so hence my question remains: how can I adjust the color section on a page with sidebar so it aligns as it would on a full width page?


    Too bad I can’t post screenshots that would clarify the differences in alignment as I can’t otherwise make it clear that there really is a difference.


    Works like a charm even with sidebar – any alignments are possible.

    Have a look at:


    Yes, but can see at my site how it is not working like a charm?


    Fixed it with this:

    .sidebar_left .content {

    border-left-style: solid;

    border-left-width: 1px;

    border-right: medium none;

    float: right;

    margin-left: -1px;

    margin-right: 0;

    padding-left: 50px;



    This is maybe caused by your own css-styling – as far as I could figure this out, you are using a child theme. So you should check your stuff first…

    On the second sight, there’s the alpha class missing on the surrounding container, but this won’t affect the box sizing. Also, there’s a margin which obviously shouldn’t be there.


    Try to set this CSS:

    .sidebar_left .content {margin-right:0;}

    This solves the color section prob, but also affects other elements.

    In addition, the style.css of your child is missing (Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) ).


    This is all I can point out to you…


    It could have been a bug fixed in 1.5 since you are still using Enfold version 1.3.1 thought as formateins it isn’t easily replicated using a separate default installation.


    Hi Formateins, Devin,

    I do use a child theme as per instructions of the Enfold child theme video. In my ftp console the style.css is there though it is empty. My custom css is inserted in Theme Options and all are picked from the support forum. The last one though I found myself and it did the job. Though I hadn’t tampered with it it read:

    margin-right: -50px;

    and that caused the color section to not align correctly on sidebar pages.

    Anyway, thanks for thinking with me.


    Glad you were able to find a fix, just keep in mind you still need to update your main Enfold parent theme :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



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