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    Hi guys,
    I have a duplicate website that for a reason I cannot explain, does not behave like the main website. It is duplicated with WPML.

    Can I show you 2 pages? Breadcrumb, post title and meta info. See the difference between Italian page and english page.

    Main Italian website:

    In the italian site we have starting from top:
    1) Breadcrumb
    2) post title (lefted)
    3) meta info
    4) image

    English site:

    in the english site we have
    1) category name (hidden on PHP)
    2) breadcrumb
    3) post title (centered)
    4) missing breadcrumb (positioned there with PHP)



    Hi Marco,

    I’m very sorry for the late reply. I had a look at your site but the english site doesn’t show up as your screenshot on my end. I can only see an accordion on this page?

    Best regards,


    Omg, it is starting doing this more and more.

    The post changes automatically from standard editor to advanced editor and all the content then disappears in the page.

    I read a few days ago about a similar issue that other users are having.

    If you access the site you will see that the post is being shown as if it was created with the advanced editor which was not. As workaround I found that i can restore the post from a previous edit. So that you can replicate the issue I did not restore from a previous edit of the post.

    What is it causing the editor to switch from the default to the advanced by itels?


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    Hi guys, I would need some help to fix this issue, I opened the ticket on 8t hof April, almost 20 days ago.

    Could you please assist with this?




    I opened this ticket 20 days ago and still did not get an answer. Please, if for any reason you are not able to answer please do let me know but please, do not leave me here waiting this long without a mention.

    Thanks for the support.



    Sorry for the late reply, when I edit the post in the Private Content area, it opens in the Classic Editor and the page looks as though it was created with the Classic Editor. If you switch back and forth between the ALB & the Classic Editor the content doesn’t show because the editors are not designed to work together, please continue using whichever editor you started the page or post with.
    I believe you didn’t intend for the post to open in the ALB, and for me each post I open is in the Classic Editor, and can not reproduce your error, try clearing your browser cache and logging in as this admin and edit a post to see if it still opens in the ALB. Perhaps an editor preference is saved in your admin cookie?
    How do you normal edit a post, from the “all posts” page > edit:
    or from the frontend admin bar > edit:
    If you use the plugin Classic Editor you will have an additional option to open a post with the Classic Editor:
    Hopefully one of these suggestions will help, but I can’t reproduce on my end.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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