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    I have a button that I use on my site that is actually a picture.. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -at-11.30.17-AM.png” alt=”Button Picture” /> And everytime the mouse hovers over it this effect happens. And I do not like that, is there anything that I can do to change that?

    In the socket section, it has “© Copyright – BlackStorm Design – Enfold Theme by Kriesi” Socket And I would like it to say just “© Copyright – BlackStorm Design”. Is there any way I can change that?


    Hi erickeith9!

    1) Would you like to remove that effect on all images or only in that certain one? Please post the link to your page where you have that image.
    2) You can add [nolink] to copyright section as shown here

    Best regards,


    I would like to remove the effect on selected images… Here is a link on one of the few pages its on.




    Try with this code (add it to Quick CSS):
    .post-entry-63 .image-overlay{ display: none !important; }
    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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