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    I’d like to clean up my posts a little bit. Just used your Quick CSS code for removing the featured image in the single post which was easy and now looks better. I have three questions though to clean up the posts some more:

    I’d like to remove the category and the author in the single posts keeping only the date left. How is this done?

    Se my single post here:

    Is it possible on my blog grid to change the length of the two lines of text to fill out two whole lines, and not only one and a half? And how do I remove the “Read more” link since it’s enough for me with the link in the featured image?

    See my blog grid here:

    Final questions: is it possible to make a post open up in a lightbox instead of a new page? So in the blog grid clicking on a post opens it up in a scrollable lightbox with a close button in the top corner. Is this doable?

    Thanks a lot for any help given and thank you for a really wonderful and easy to work with theme :)


    Oh, another question:

    Just tried changing the size of the images I have in my posts. I want them to be 600 px wide so it’s the same width as the text. But at the moment I’m using the ‘Portfolio’ option for size when inserting images in a post. Where can I change the size of the ‘Portfolio’ dimensions to be 600X400 instead (now it’s 495X400)?

    I tried using the ‘Custom Size’ but then my image gets distorted (looks like the aspect is linked even though it’s the wrong aspect ratio) and the ‘Portfolio’ option seems to crop the image to fit the dimensions which is good. I would also prefer to have a set option each time I’m inserting an image so I don’t have to type dimensions each time.

    Thanks :)



    1. You can set that here:

    2. Try this code to change the excerpt length (functions.php):

    function avia_change_excerpt_length()
    return 30;

    To hide the read-more (Quick CSS):

    .slide-content .read-more-link {
        display: none;

    3. That’s not possible with Post, only with portfolio items.

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    Thank you so much for all your answers. It all worked except the length of the blog excerpt. I put it in my functions.php in the end of the file and nothing happened. Is there a specific place to insert it in the php file or is there something wrong in the code you gave me?

    You didn’t answer my last question if it is possible to change the dimensions of a ‘Portfolio’ dimensions image when inserting photos in a blog? Is it doable to change it or maybe make a new standard dimension size for inserting media? I would like a 600X400 that crops the image if it’s bigger than that (not distoring it)?

    THANKS! :)


    I just found a solution for the Portfolio size myself and changed the setting in funcitons.php :)

    Still need help with the blog text excerpt length though.


    It worked! :)

    Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful day.


    You are welcome, glad we could help :)


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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