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    This is in the “it can’t hurt to ask” category… I’ve been a longtime user of Kriesi themes and have referred quite a few others to your work on ThemeForest. Some time ago, I purchased DISPLAY from ThemeForest, but barely got a chance to use it and it is currently NOT in use. In fact, I can’t find it in my local archives and Envato has removed the download. I’m told that it isn’t compatible with new WordPress anyway. In addition to making sites for myself, family and friends, I am voluntarily helping our small church with their website. In moving it to another hosting account (with better security options), I found that the non-Kriesi theme that was in use was corrupted (and old and insecure). I’d like to move the church to the Kriesi church theme (Incarnation?), which I know will be far better supported and secure. Since this would come out of my own pocket, is there ANY chance that you might consider giving a small credit toward the purchase of the church theme to make up for Display being abandoned? I recognize that hard work goes into making themes and you deserve to be compensated (well). I’m only asking since I’m donating my labor and it is a church website, not a business of any kind. I’d ask about getting the Display files to use for the church, but if they’re unsupported, that puts us back where we started. Thank you for your consideration.


    Hey amz,

    Thank you for using our themes.

    We don’t handle discounts or sales here so you have to contact the themeforest regarding such. I’m afraid that they won’t give you a discount because the “Display” theme has been out of the market for two years now, if I am not mistaken.

    Best regards,

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