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    I’ve noticed that if I use the child theme and import some of the demos, mainly the older ones, the pages will come up blank. If I switch over to the parent theme and do the same demo import, the pages show up just fine. Even after doing so on the parent theme, the child theme version will not work.

    Is there a fix for this? I’d much rather use the child theme for a client’s site and they prefer I use a specific demo. I’m sure I could just take the extra time to manually build out the same thing in the child theme…but still…the demos should work.


    Hey Kahil,

    I haven’t heard that happening before, how can we reproduce the error?

    Best regards,


    I simply activate the child theme, import a demo, like the construction one. It says it completed successfully. When I go to the home page, or any page, it’s blank. If I activate the parent theme and import the same demo it all works fine. Switching back to the child, blank. I’ve had this happen many times. I assumed it was just a random import issue the first couple times, but it tends to happen often. I even tried deleting all of the imported stuff and starting over from scratch.

    Note…my clients use GoDaddy, but that shouldn’t be a cause.

    There are some older, closed threads here on this, but no fix.



    Please first IMPORT the demo and THEN activate the child theme.
    We would need to also check the site, so we can see the setup of the child theme.

    Best regards,


    As I stated previously, I tried that. This isn’t my first rodeo. There is no setup to the child theme…it is literally the files provided here.

    I have another open thread where I am having issues importing another demo. In that one, the issue happens when it tries to import media. The import feature of WordPress is known to be riddled with issues when it comes to importing media, etc. I can only imagine that compounding when a theme tries to plug into said feature like Enfold does.

    What would help would be optional demo downloading that includes the wordpress page import file, the Enfold import file and all related graphics. That way we can import each thing separately.


    Hi Kahil,

    What are the installation configuration details?

    Can you please check server log for error?

    Best regards,

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