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    I was in the middle of updating WordPress core, plugin, and theme files. After I clicked “Update Theme” in the wordpress dashboard, I got a 500 error. I cleared the error by uploading the /content/theme files through FTP, however, now my child theme just shows a blank screen.

    I have manually put the newest enfold and original child theme files back on the server, but it didn’t fix the issue.

    It looks like all of the theme options are there, but in the Themes admin, my child theme for some reason is incorrectly showing up as a different theme on the I double checked my style.css and it is still calling enfold as it’s parent theme. I can preview my site in the default Enfold theme.

    I checked my debug.log and see a PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function fortune_theme_options() …. in header.php on line 11. I have not modified header.php I’ll include a full debug.log load in the private content section.



    Hey leviticus,

    I’ve never seen anything like that before, could you try changing the child theme name to something else to see if that helps?



    I know. Weird, right? I uninstalled and reinstalled my child theme and that made it display again. However, it was still showing the “Update Available” notification.

    When I changed the name of the child theme folder, the update notification went away, but it wouldn’t display a few elements of the theme like the slider and the admin bar.

    If there’s no way to clear the update message, I guess I’ll just leave it alone. But it would be nice to have it gone.



    You can have the update message not been visible, going to child theme style CSS and change the number of the version of the style to 100000
    Let me know if that small hack will work properly!



    Awesome, that worked perfectly. Thanks!



    Great, glad we could help :-)

    Please let us know if you should need any further help on the topic.

    Best regards,


    Hey there, I have also a problem with my Child-Theme after the update to version 4.0.2.
    I made the mistake to update the theme in the child-theme. Now my child-theme does not work anymore. I made before a backup with BackWPUp but I think it didnt make a backup of the theme.

    First I tought that I have to change the version-nr in the Child CSS to the updated one but the only thing that changed is that my child theme isnt shown anymore in the themes-section of WP. There is only a “damaged theme” notification. What have I to do now to bring my website back?


    EDIT: If you check out my webpage and go on the second “Startseite”-Link in the menu, you can see the actual website but its of course broke atm because the changes where made in the child-theme.

    Ich habe ausversehen mein Child-Theme zerstört, indem ich es auf die Version 4.0.2 geupdated habe. Dies ist wohl passiert, weil ich es über das Child-Theme gemacht habe aber anscheinend soll man das Theme Update nur über das richtige Theme durchführen, oder?
    Zumindest ist meine Website nun verschwunden. Erst dachte ich, ich muss nur die Version-Nummer in der Child CSS aktualisieren aber dadurch ist das Theme komplett aus der Theme-Auswahl bei WordPress verschwunden. Stattdessen ist nun eine “Beschädigte Theme” Meldung zu sehen.

    Vor dem Update habe ich ein Backup mit dem Plugin “BackWPUp” gemacht, doch wenn ich mir die gesicherte Datein anschaue, scheint kein Backup des Themes vorhanden zu sein (dabei hab ich beim Plugin-Einstellungen alles angeklickt).

    Wäre super wenn Ihr mir helfen könntet meine Website wiederherzustellen. Ich arbeite schon länger mit diesem Theme, aber habe in solchen Situationen noch immer ein sehr amateurhaftes Wissen. Naja, aus fehlern lernt man. :)

    Danke vorab.


    Edit: Wenn Ihr auf meine Webpage geht und im Menü die zweite “Startseite” anklickt, kommt ihr auf meine eigentliche Website. Die ist aber designtechnisch kaputt natürlich da die veränderungen im Child-Theme gemacht wurden.

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    Sorry for the double post but I solved the problem. I had to change the name in the Child-CSS from “Enfold” to “enfold”. I dont know why but that solved the problem.

    My question is now: Can I in principle update the theme via the child theme or is there a other, correct way?


    Hi @SeroKoe,

    Thanks for the feedback. You only need to update the parent, the job of the child theme is only to override the parent.

    Best regards,


    Okay, and the same by updating plugins or can I update them in the child theme?

    Best regards,



    You can update the Enfold theme and plugins, as for the child theme keep it as it is, it doesn’t contain any update unless you want to override something in the parent theme :)

    Best regards,

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