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    I’ve set up a child theme with enfold. The child theme has no modifications applied to the parent theme at all.

    The main navigation menu has a mixture of drop-down menus and mega-menus. But when the mega-menu is viewed as a drop-down menu (on mobile) the main parent nav items are greyed out. This is only on the child theme, once you switch back to the main theme they are all selectable.

    Any ideas?

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    Hey tpagency!

    Please make sure that you assigned the menus to the right theme locations (Appearance > Menus). WordPress resets the menu location setting when you switch the theme.



    Hi Dude, thanks for you reply. Yep, the menus are all in the correct place. The problem is the main parent item (in a mega menu) becomes a title when switched down to mobile. At desktop size it’s fine. The image above shows the slightly lighter grey titles (which are the main mega-menu parent pages).


    I’ve got exactly the same problem.


    I have this problem too, on ipad. Second level menu items are unclickable, where as first level and third level menu items are clickable. Help!



    This is how the mega menu translates by design as far as I know. The same thing happens on the demo site. The second level menu items are designated as headers so they don’t translate to true menu items.

    Best regards,


    Hi Devin, thanks for your reply. The demo site is using the slide-out menu (selected under Responsive Header Main Menu). Which works as it should, but the issue is when the drop-down menu is selected.


    Can we see your site live? Both menu options are not actual versions of your menu but complete re-builds of them after being parsed by the theme code.


    Hi Devin, the dev link is here >


    It looks like you are using column headers as menu items which is why your mobile menu is formatting like that.

    You can have a blank column title by using a dash – in place of text and then your menu items for that column would be below that.


    This worked for me!


    Great! Glad we could help :)

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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