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    I’m having some issues with a site I’m developing, I mistakenly built on the parent theme and now I’m trying to move everything to the child theme. I’ve followed all the instructions provided but for some reason it’s not accepting all the changes, the site still shows the enfold logo and the body and footer colors aren’t transferring over.

    I’m also having trouble with the portfolio, I have several hundred catalogs loaded in the portfolio but the filter isn’t showing on every page. It only shows the filter categories for that particular page ( i.e. it will show all the categories on page 3 but nothing for page 4). Is there a way to permanently show the portfolio filter and all categories selected regardless of the pagination?

    The last problem I’m having is with the Callrail plugin for their dynamic number insertion. The customer is doing adwords and their service allows us to track by source and keyword but the for some reason the theme doesn’t recognize the plugin. I had Callrail check it out and everything is installed correctly so they said it must be something with the theme. I was hoping you could take a look and see if there’s a conflict within the theme and if there is a simple fix.

    I’ve listed the site link and temporary login info for you below.


    Hey connectsmg!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    Please activate the parent theme again then go to Enfold > Export/Import panel. Click the Export Theme Settings File then save it on your computer. Activate the child theme then go to same panel. This time click Import Theme Settings File to upload the theme options settings. Save Changes.



    Hi Ismael,

    I tried what you recommended and it didn’t work either however I thought I found a work around by just saving the settings file and updating the theme then uploading the settings file. That worked, however after I updated to the latest version none of my animation or sliders are working anymore.



    You are currently not using the latest version of the theme. Please update Enfold to the latest version 2.9.1 via FTP –

    Best regards,


    Hi Yigit,

    I uploaded the most recent version via ftp and I’m still having the same problems, with the parent theme activated none of the animation or sliders work, with the child theme active none of the customized settings (logo, backgrounds, etc) are showing.



    Do you have any server-side caching functionality activated? if so, please disable it.



    Hi Josue,

    It was a server side issue (child theme is still giving me problems but I can figure that out at a later date when I have more time). The last thing I need to figure out is how to set the portfolio filter to show all the categories when there are multiple pages rather than just the categories that are on that particular page. If you could point me in the right direction on that I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for all of your help!



    Hi Eric,

    The problem is that the filter (client-side) is created based on the portfolio items being shown on the current page (server-side), what you’d need to do in order to make the filter work “globally” is set the portfolio element to show ALL portfolio items at once.

    Best regards,

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