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    Just bought Enfold. Setting up now and how to use a child theme?


    Hi Merkur-Trykk,

    You can create a child theme following the normal wordpress steps which outlined here:




    So you do not have an untouched child theme ready for use?



    No, you have to create one yourself.




    Gday Enfold

    Brilliant theme, best i’ve used, though I ordinarily always use child themes.

    I noticed that if you don’t set up a child theme immediately in enfold, and instead already have experimented with the enfold styling options, the new child theme does not retain the styles.

    Is there a way to retain what was already styled?

    Other threads (topics closed) have indicated that the styles will be kept if the child name is the same as the parent (enfold). But i’m not sure how can that be set up so there is no directory name conflict?

    Seriously great work in this theme. I think it will be even better with good documentation on how to use child themes with enfold.



    No, unfortunately not (see ). We save the options with the theme name and the child theme will always have a different name.

    Best regards,



    Thanks Dude

    I have inherited a project that was set up already, so I wasn’t in the position to start it from scratch.

    I imagine there will be other people in this situation, who may have preferred to do it right from the start.

    Is there any future possibility of an export and import of theme option settings? Export before creating child, import after.



    p.s. I haven’t found a way to be notified when someone answers a post/comment on this support forum…am I missing the obvious here somewhere?


    I asked Kriesi to look into it but I can’t promise that we’ll add such a feature. You can use the RSS feed icon to subscribe this thread. We don’t have a notification system (email, etc.) at the moment.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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