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    wow, I have searched now a lot, to find where to change the portfolio slug. I supposed to find it in the theme settings, but they are at the “permalinks” page.

    But now I’m a bit confused about the difference of
    – portfolio-item
    – portfolio-entries

    I need to translate it into German, but I’m not sure, where both slugs appear.
    At the demo theme I find only the slug “portfolio-item”:

    but nowhere a slug “portfolio-entries”.

    For what is “portfolio-entries” please?
    What’s the difference?

    Thanks a lot in advance



    Custom post types have the ability to have a custom permalink, in this case it defaults to portfolio-items. You can change it in the WordPress Settings>Permalink settings.

    The portfolio_entries is the taxonomy base and it should be translatable with either Codestyling or WPML with the avia_framework term. You can see it in includes>admin>register-portfolio.php in this line:
    $permalinks['portfolio_entries_taxonomy_base'] = empty($permalinks['portfolio_entries_taxonomy_base']) ? __('portfolio_entries', 'avia_framework')



    Thank you … I understood, that the portfolio-entries are the portfolio categories and the portfolio-items the single posts, sorry, my English isn’t so good, but now I’ve understood. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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