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    Hi there,

    I set up wordpress with enfold on my localhost, created my site and it all worked just fine.
    Now I want to move wordpress to my server, doing the normal thing, i.e. copying the files via ftp and creating a dump of the local database.
    Before importing the sql file in the server database (created before), I have to change the server location from “localhost” to “server” in the sql file.
    But here the problem starts:
    I´m using layer slider and it shows loads of slashes and backslashes around server names e.g. http:\\/\\/localhost\\/database\\/wp-content\\/themes\\/enfold\\/config-layerslider\\/LayerSlider\\….
    I tried to replace /localhost\\ with /server\\/subfolder\\ but that didn´t work.
    All other instances of localhost (apart from those related to the layer slider) I replaced normally by the servername of the target server.

    But in the end of the day, it just does not work.
    Could you please give me a hint, what I have to change how in the sql dump to make in work?

    Thanks very much in advance!

    Kindest regards,



    Hi Hirschjaeger123!

    Please try this plugin: WP MIGRATE DB
    Replacing the server paths manually won’t work because we use serialized data to store our settings and replacing the sever paths can (and probably will) break the serialized data.



    Thanks, I got the plugin and did the export/import with it but it only works so la la. The layer sliders don´t work (the keep showing this “loading” circle) and I can´t change the layers anymore. I do see my pictures in the “Mediathek” but I can´t select them anymore.
    Maybe any ideas what might have gone wrong?





    Unfortunately you may just need to re-do those elements that didn’t transfer over well. I’ve always had mixed results with moving WordPress installs and tend to end up doing a bit of manual data duplication just because not all plugins, data, settings etc get re-written properly even when using plugins to do the re-serialization work.

    Not great but for now we don’t have an export option, though for the theme settings one is in the works.



    Hi Devin,

    thanks a bunch for coming back to me.
    You´re exactly right (unfortunately). I had to redo all the sliders manually, the images were unrecoverably lost.
    Also the performance of the “Mediathek”, were one uploads images to wordpress and selects them for the site, is impeded negatively. It takes forever to select an image… (I checked if my server is the source for this, it´s not, with other wordpress installations it runs fine and fast)

    Maybe you can take this issue up for one of the next versions. :-)



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