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    2019 September 10th – Version 4.6.2

    – added: theme support “avia_privacy_show_cookie_info” – adds a tab to default modal popup window that show currently active and by js script accessable cookies (useful for developers to check)
    – added: theme color for reCaptchaV2 checkbox is light in backend
    – added: theme support “avia_recaptcha_show_legal_information” – shows Google reCaptcha Legal Information theme option select box to change Enfolds default behaviour (= show filterable standard text below submit button, hide badge on all pages
    – added: admin notice for GDPR update

    – fixed: Cookie consent “Link to page” not working after 4.6 update
    – fixed: E-Mail validation contact form on mobiles

    – removed: theme option “Select Theme Style For Verification In Backend” – reCaptcha V2
    – removed: deprecated framework code

    – improved: GDPR/DSGVO implementation to support implementation prior 4.6:
    – all cookies and services accepted by default, visitor can opt out
    – Visitor must opt in if option requires this

    – improved: Documentation https://kriesi.at/documentation/enfold/privacy-cookies/
    – updated: layerslider to the latest version

    2019 September 5th – Version 4.6.1

    – added: heading tags selection to sliders:
    – fullscreen slider
    – fullwidth easy slider
    – added: backwards comp. support for theme support:
    – avia_template_builder_custom_css
    – avia_template_builder_custom_tab_toogle_id
    – added filter: avf_alb_tinymce_ignore_indent_fix – allows to supress fix for individual pages
    – added filter: avf_avia_backend_truncate_string – modify string before it is truncated e.g. for excerpt

    – fixed: DSGVO/GDPR problem with new cookies: fallback solution if not in custom modal popup
    – fixed: checkboxes of privacy policy messages not working
    – fixed: a compatibility issue with Multilang Plugins and Enfold Version 4.6
    – fixed: ALB tinyMCE tab indent/dedent not working for lists in visual mode

    – improved: moved audio player after videos in ALB menu

    – updated: German language file DE_formal
    – updated: Italien language file


    Hey Manny,

    Thanks for sharing! I saw that the regular changelog page hasn’t been updated, we’ll fix that asap :-)

    Best regards,

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