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    Hi Support!

    I want to be able to manually set the what portfolio item that are going to be the first in the list.
    Is there a way like you can do with pages to set an number for wp to sort after?



    Hi Yigit!

    Added the changes to my theme but and it seams to work. :-) But how can i set a value on each of my portfolio items so i can use like the value page number? Or something like that want to be able to manually set the order of my portfolio grid layout.



    Hi @Yigit

    Do you have something up yourslev to help me out here? Do you understand what i mean maby i can add someplugin or some function to get the and page number value fucntion on my portfolios also? Some custome field i can use :-)


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    please have in mind that your thread goes back in our queue when you do another post.

    Not sure what you mean. Can you show us screenshots of what you want to achieve? you can use or dropbox.
    However it sounds to me that it would require a heavy customization of the theme, which you can request here.



    Hi @Yigit

    Thank you so mutch!

    It just came to me today if you just add the solution you posted and then u set the portfolio grid to sort by date. :-D
    Then u go to your portfolios and then just pick the one u want to show first in the grid. Set that one to the earliest date and then you can go from there.

    Problem solved :-D

    You are the man @Yigit


    @Yigit you can close this ticket!

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