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    Hi, I’d like some help to set the tab and accordion colors. I’d like them to be solid colors with text. I also need help with one tab set and one accordion to make each tab a different color.

    The site is not live yet so you have to change your host file to point to the right site.




    Hi Seth,

    The only way I know of to do that is to target each tab individual within the container you have them in. So if its inside a color section, you can give that section the ID of my-section1 (or whatever is needed).

    Then you would target a tab like this:

    #top #my-section1 .tab.active_tab.tab_counter_0 {
    background-color: red;

    If you have multiple instances of tabs on that page however then it would need to be even more specific to that tab container. In that case you can turn on the class field for the individual containers by adding this to your functions.php:


    Now you can add a custom class name for your individual elements just like before when adding an ID for a color section. You can then name each instance of the tab container to something specific like my-features-tabs and the css would be:

    #top #my-section1 .my-features-tabs .tab.active_tab.tab_counter_0 {
    background-color: red;

    which will highlight the active tab for the 0 numbered tab (first) with a red background. And:

    #top #my-section1 .tab.tab_counter_3 {
    background-color: #333;

    This will highlight the fourth tab with a #333 background all the time.

    In general I don’t connect to site with a host modification so I’m not able to see the site live for more specific css.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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