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    we just found out that in the masonry-entries Element the Date of the Post is not Translated. I checked the av-masonry-helper.php at line 609 and there the option of the date format is requested without use of date_l18n() function (get_option(‘date_format’) is used), also the date is requested with get_the_time(), not get_post_time() – with this function a format attribute could be changed easily.

    So when we configure the backend date format for the main language german, the date format is like: 1.Januar 2020, in uk english we need 1 January 2020 (without dot).

    Will you change this soon in a release? Can you provide a filter or something as workaround?


    Hey OPTIMAL,

    Function get_the_time() provides filter ‘get_the_time’ and implicitly calls get_post_time() with filter ‘get_post_time’.

    If we apply some additional filters to av-masonry-helper.php this will not help as you will also face the same problems in other places.

    To me the solution would be to hook into the get_post_time filter, check which is the current language format needed and if it is different from called format call get_post_time().

    That should cover all situations.

    Best regards,


    you can close the ticket



    Thanks for letting us know. Please open a new thread if you should have any further questions or problems.

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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